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PicoScope Automotive Kits: 2 Channel and 4 Channel automotive oscilloscope kits are now available with advanced software featuring a host of new modes and functions. PicoScope 4000 Series automotive kits released! - With robust build quality, powerful diagnostic software, technical information/waveform reference data base and combined with ease of use, novice and advanced users get the 'best bang for buck' with a PC based oscilloscope system!  Pico Tech Automotive Kits


Autoland Scientech - VeDiS II & iScan IIwt


These latest scan tools are now available! For automotive workshops/technicians looking to add to their scan tool arsenal or take scanner diagnostics to a higher level, VeDiS II & iScan IIwt have excellent coverage for European vehicles as well as providing enhanced diagnostics for Asian, Ford, GM, Chrysler vehicles.


Equipped with Bluetooth technology, Interface Module System, Scope Meter and so much more, the VeDiS II & iScan wtII sre also an ideal scan tools for workshops looking for their first scan tool purchase. VeDiS II & iScan IIwt



  CAN Test Box (CTB)   more >>
An absolutely essential tool! Check DLC Power, Grounds, identify Protocols - just plug and play! ....
  ABS-6100   more >>
Wow! have you always wanted a borescope? - here is a terrific borescope at an amazingly affordable price! ....
  SXE-Probe   more >>
Value for money! want a logic probe that combines features of a DMM and an oscilloscope but simplifies the signal display? ....

New Products


Video Stik


Just arrived! - Video Stik by Visual Optics


Visual Optics new video based inspection scope, the VS36-10WW, gives you the latest in remote video technology ....





Carbon Zapp Diesel

New generation of diesel and petrol injection service units. Diesel injector service units to suit all types of common rail & conventional diesel injectors! All Carbon Zapp service units are easy to use, include many function modes and are competively priced! ....






TRUCK/Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool Equipment      view


Opus 40D Gas Analyser


New Generation Gas Analyser     view

CMT Advanced thumb Opus 40D