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Visual Optics new video based inspection scope, the VS36-10WW, gives you the latest in remote video technology


Mount AutoEquip introduces the new State of the Art Video Inspection Scope under the label Video Stik. The model VS36-10WW gives the technician a specialist tool to perform the latest in remote video technology functions.

Features include: High resolution remote colour camera, Auto focus, 320 x 240 Pixel Resolution, 6.35cm full colour viewing monitor, 10mm shaft diameter, 91.44cm shaft length, 5 hours of operation on 4 AA batteries, and much more.

The Video Stik will enable the professional technician to view, capture and display the inner workings of many engine dynamics causing problems with automobiles today.

The Video Stik is also well suitable for inspectors in many other industries to diagnose an array of faults, while capturing a record of the problem.

Video Stik
► Automotive
► Marine
► Maintenance
► Law Enforcement
► Home Inspection

The Video Stik Inspection Scope, made in the USA, is a low cost solution diagnostic tool for video capture for automotive inspections when fiber optic borescopes are normally used.

This scope has a water resistant camera, you can view video on the built in colour monitor or use its RCA video output for optional display on a larger screen.

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Video Stik Features

Optional Video Grabber Kit