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Proximity/Smart Key System Tester

The TDB003 Proximity/Smart key system tester is now available to enable quick and easy diagnosis of a vehicle immobiliser system in any vehicle. Within just a few seconds, this very cost effective tool, the TDB003, can identify a fault in the security system or confirm that a key or other component is successfully operating.

Autosolve - Diagnostic Assistance Software Ver 16

AUTOSOLVE Diagnostic Assistance Software  

The Latest Technical Information at a reasonable cost!

In any modern automotive workshop, a variety of diagnostic equipment is required to be utilised on a daily basis.  

But is your workshop range of equipment being used to its maximum potential?

The Autosolve Diagnostic Assistance V16 software program is a very effective, low cost software program to help you gain the most out of your diagnostic equipment and give your workshop a real edge over your competitors.

The Next Generation Pico Oscilloscope has arrived


PicoScope 4425 and 4225 Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscopes

The latest Picoscope 4425 and 4225 series have just taken the automotive scope to the next level. With up to 400 MS/s sampling rate, and 250 Million sample memory, this exciting new product has really got the industry talking. 


G Scan - VE Commodore Key programming


G scan instruction guide, programming keys to a Holden VE Commodore