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'Welcome to PicoScope Automotive video'

'PicoScope Automotive Top 10 Tests Animation Videos'

'Pico Automotive Software Download Link' - Download and install free to use in demo mode prior to purchase.

'Official Pico Automotive Support Forum'

Reference Waveform Library-Over 5200 waveforms (requires Pico Automotive scope to be connected to pc to access and Pico support Forum login details) Access via File menu in Pico scope software program

'Step 1 – A guide to Pico Diagnostics. ‘Where to Start, What to do, How to Succeed’'

'Open Your Eyes video - Picoscope Automotive overview'

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Intermediate/Advanced Pico users


Video Links

Frank Massey Top Ten Tests using PicoScope - Video Series

Noise Vibration Harshness Video series

Compression Testing with Frank Massey - Video Series


Practical Pico Video Series




Autoland Vedis 3and iScan 3Technical Support Documents

General Information

2008 Ford P B C U Code List(367KB pdf)
2007 Updated OBDII Code List(267KB pdf)
OBD II Body Codes(192KB pdf)
OBD II Powertrain Codes(197KB pdf)
OBD II Chassis Codes(86KB pdf)
OBD II CAN U Codes(49KB pdf)
Network U Codes(54KB pdf)
OBD II and EOBD Codes(67KB pdf)
Solutions for Car Multiplexing(146KB pdf)
Short & Long Term Fuel Trims(11KB pdf)
Handy Abbreviations and Acronyms(19KB pdf)
STFT/LTFT Basics and GMH Trim Interaction(65KB pdf)
Toyota Oxygen Sensors - Part 1(270KB pdf)
Toyota Oxygen Sensors - Part 2(370KB pdf)
Toyota Planar Sensors - Part 3(390KB pdf)
Vacuum Gauge Interpretations(webpage + animation)

Manufacturer Specific Information


Chrysler Code Retrieval(pdf)


Programming Ford SmartLock System(pdf)

Ford Falcon EBII to ED security system Learn (pdf)

Ford Falcon EL 1996 Model Remote Programming (pdf)

Ford AU/AUII Smartlock Remote Programming Procedure (pdf)
Ford Falcon AU I BCM/Remote Relearn(pdf)

Ford Kuga 2008 to 2016 oil service light reset procedure (pdf)


Holden VE Commodore key programming(pdf)
Holden VE Remote Control Programming(pdf)
Commodore Rear Lamp Relearn Procedure(pdf)
Series I, II, III/VS Commodore BCM Information(pdf)
Holden Isuzu RA 2003> 4WD Reset Procedure(pdf)
Holden Isuzu (early models) 4WD Reset Procedure(pdf)
Holden Rodeo RA 2004 Program Central Locking Remotes(pdf)


Mazda 3 'Auto' Window Reset(pdf)


MB 1996+ Trans DTC's(pdf)
MB 1996+ DTC's(pdf)
HL-SFI, HFM-SFI, ME_SFI DTC's & Self Adaption(pdf)


Programming Central Door Locking Remotes(pdf)
Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS 2)(pdf)


Vehicle Identification by VIN(pdf)


Toyota HiLux Timing Belt Light Reset (2007)(pdf)


VW/Audi idle relearn - Basic Settings

PicoScope Users

PicoScope Reference Waveform Library(3MB pdf) - complete with waveform notes

PicoAutomotiveYoutube Video Channel link- CLICK HERE

PicoScope Tutorials

Ignition-Primary(265KB pdf)
Trigger-Signals Part 1(200KB pdf)
Trigger-Signals Part 2(250KB pdf)
Trigger-Signals Part 3(250KB pdf)
Primary vs Secondary Circuits(250KB pdf)
Electronic Fuel Injection Part1(300KB pdf)
Electronic Fuel Injection Part 2(300KB pdf)
Electronic Fuel Injection Part 3(350KB pdf)
Emissions-Related Components & Actuators(250K pdf)
Misc. Sensors and Actuators Waveforms(400K pdf)

Real-Life Diagnostics


BMW X5 Misfire(webpage)
Troubleshooting a Knock Sensor(webpage)
2001 Astra 1.6 Misfire(webpage)

Everyday Diagnostics


BMW Braking Issues(web page)
Ford Focus Hard Starting(web page)
Timing Issues Alfa - Nissan(web page + animation)

Service Light Reset Procedures

Ford Kuga 2008 to 2016 oil service light reset (pdf)

BMW 2001+ E46/E39 Service Interval Resetgeneral info (pdf)
BMW E70 Service Light Resetgeneral info (pdf)
Holden Commodore Service Resetgeneral info (pdf)
VY Commodore Service Resetgeneral info (pdf)
Volvo C70 Service Resetgeneral info (pdf)
Volvo V/S40/V/C/S60/70 Service Resetgeneral info (pdf)