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Leak Detector/Smoke Machine

$1,967.90 incl. GST
Brand: Hanatech
Product Code: HTLT-150
Availability: In Stock

The Hanatech Smoke machine is used to detect system leaks within minutes. Includes variable pressure control, quick release check valve, electronically controlled, double action solenoid. Powered from the vehicle battery, includes vast adaptor range and low pressure disperser.

This quality product offers you a low cost/high tech solution with great new features. It represents fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labour time savings for years to come.

 Remember - The only way to start your diagnostics is "back to basics".


Vacuum Leaks: hoses, gaskets, valves, diaphragms, choke pull-offs, heated air intake control and diaphragm systems, EGR hoses, and controls.

Exhaust Leaks: manifold cracks, EGR valve feed tubes and passages, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, muffler, heat control valves, and crossover passages.

Plus: Injector system leaks, evaporator control system leaks, oil leaks, under dash vacuum leaks, brake booster system leaks, head gasket leaks, cylinder leakage, air and water leaks, turbo/super charger system leaks and component replacements test prior to installation.