Lehnert Continuous Flow Back Leak Test Kit

Lehnert Continuous Flow Back Leak Test Kit

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Common rail diesel continuous flow injector back leak test and measurement kit. This comprehensive kit includes a full range of hoses and adaptors to suit all common rail injector types: Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens (VDO). Allows testing whilst engine is continuously running over an extended time period at various loads to diagnose those intermittent problems.

A possible source of a malfunction with the Common-Rail injection system can be a defective high pressure injector.

The Lehnert Universal Common-Rail Test Kit includes high quality plexiglass graduated cylinders and a coupler set.

Testing fuel flow and comparison of individual injector fuel return flow rates is quick and simple and an injector failure can be readily diagnosed by reading off the fuel return levels in the scaled plexiglass cylinders.


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