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SXE Probe Kit

$159.00 incl. GST
Brand: Mount Auto Equip
Product Code: VFP1000
Availability: In Stock

The SXE-Probe is a superior Logic Probe combing the features of a Digital Multi-Meter and Oscilloscope but simplifying the display for technicians that want to find the pulse but do not need to see the signal trace.

* State of the art technology, let’s you work safely on all sensors and automotive computers

* Trace wires, perform continuity tests and analyse any type of signal – Volts - Frequency - Duty Cycle

* At the push of a button, instantly check for open circuits, short circuits and other faulty electrical connections

Many of today’s workshops demand a device that helps them diagnose a problem vehicle quickly and easily, especially electronic components and circuits associated with modern automobiles.

Leave your scan tool, oscilloscope and multi-meter in the toolbox – this diagnostic tool is so simple to use for electrical checks, it makes trouble shooting EASY, FAST and ACCURATE!

The concept of the SXE-Probe is simple –

A Logic Probe which utilises coloured LED indicators and a large digital numeric display for the diagnostic technician to view voltage (V), frequency (Hz) or duty cycle (%) modes.