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TDB008 Parking Sensor Tester

$492.80 incl. GST
Brand: The Diagnostic Box
Product Code: TDB008
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TDB008 Parking Sensor Tester

The TDB008 is a hand held device which has been designed to give a visual indication of the output signals of parking sensors using ultrasonic sensors on a range of vehicles.

Many parking sensor systems now fitted to the latest vehicles require the engine running and the car in reverse gear to be activated. In addition to this the vehicles that have parking assist will shut down if there is a problem and diagnosis of the sensors requires 2 people to check. The TDB008 with its extended pick lead allows a single person to operate the vehicle safely and test the sensors while in the drivers seat.

This makes the TDB008 both a time saving product, but also ensures the system can be tested safely and easily by the workshop technician.
The internal wide frequency range microphone covers the typical ultrasonic automotive range of 34.8 KHz to 68 KHz. The LCD screen can show the signal as a pulse, an average value in either graph form, as a bar graph or a waveform.

The TDB008 also has the facility to display the operating frequency of the ultrasonic sensor together with its signal strength. 

The Quick Test also provides a way to check all the sensors together, and compare the results to ensure they are all operating within their normal specifications.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the TDB008 has an operational time of over 20 hours of use, and it also includes a low battery warning and programmable auto switch off time.