PicoScope 2 Channel Kits

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P4225A PicoBNC+ 2 channel Automotive Oscilloscope - Scope only


P4225A - Pico Automotive oscilloscope 2 channel. Scope only This brand new Pico Automotive scope model combines all the strengths of our existing Automotive scope, but adds a smart interface for powered and intelligent accessories. This has been achieved by creating a new interface PicoBNC+™ which combines the standard BNC with a smart dig..

PicoBNC+ 2 Channel Standard Oscilloscope kit


PicoBNC+™ Pico Scope BNC+ 2 Channel Standard Automotive pc based oscilloscope Kit - (PQ177) The Pico BNC+ 2–Channel Standard Automotive Kit comes complete with a variety of accessories — including leads, ignition pickups, probes, clips and current clamps — allowing you to test virtually all the components on modern vehicl..

PicoBNC+ 2 Channel Starter Kit


PicoBNC+™ Pico 2 Channel Starter Automotive Kit - (PQ175) The Pico 2–Channel Starter Automotive Kit comes complete with a range of accessories to get started— including leads, probes, clips etc — allowing you to test components on modern vehicles. The 2 channel starter kit is ideal for occasional use or ..

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