TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

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ATEQ VT57 TPMS Tool (Professional level)


The VT57 is the best & most advanced, leading comprehensive TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) Service Tool from the worlds leading manufacturer in this field, covering vehicles from around the world, for the professional workshop or technician. Used by OEM's and the aftermarket, and now with touchscreen capabilities. The ATEQ VT57 is t..

Ateq VT57 Docking station


Optional Docking station for the Ateq VT57 TPMS tool The VT57 docking station houses the VT57 tool, printer and optional sensor for testing. The accessory allows the user to charge the VT57 and printer wirelessly. The docking station can be mounted to a wall or service station for easy access...

ATEQ VT57 Tyre Tread Depth Gauge


Optional Tyre tread depth gauge to suit the ATEQ VT57 TPMS tool. The Tyre Tread Depth Gauge is an add-on accessory for the VT57 OBD2 Diagnostic TPMS Tool. The accessory allows a technician to measure tire tread depth with high accuracy when checking TPMS sensors during routine service and maintenance checks. In one simple gesture, it can detect ..

ATEQ VT67 TPMS Tool (Professional Level)


COMPLETE TPMS & TIRE MANAGEMENT DIAGNOSTIC TABLET With interactive menus, complete TPMS diagnostic capability, and even built-in support, the VT67 will completely re-imagine the way technicians diagnose and validate TPMS systems. The tool boasts over 30 features and functions, as well as a built-in camera to document any vehicle issues, whic..

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