Pressure Transducers

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PP939 - Pico WPS Pressure Transducer Master Kit


Pico Tech Pressure Transducer - WPS 500x kit With the uncompromising resolution and accuracy of the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer you can perform quick and accurate pressure analysis of many automotive systems. The WPS500X features an extremely fast 100 µs response rate from 0% to 90% of full scale and sensitivity down to about..

PQ071 Pico Fuel Sight Block kit

$361.90 $379.38

The Pico PQ071 Fuel sight block kit is an accessory for the Pico WPS500 pressure transducer kit. The Sight block kit contains the sight block, a stop valve for testing a negative pressure fuel pump under load, and 3 sets of hose barbs for connecting to different size fuel hoses. The kit is intended for diagnosing problems with low-pressure..

TA323 Pico Diesel Glow Plug Adaptor kit


The TA323 is an accessory kit to be used in conjunction with the WPS500x Pressure transducer and Pico automotive pc based oscilloscope (both sold separately). Add diesel compression testing to your list of uses with this glow plug adaptor kit. It contains 15 different glow plug adaptors and the adaptor that connects them to our standard universa..

First Look Pressure Transducer kit


FirstLook™ Automotive Pulse Sensor The FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor provides a fast and accurate means of diagnosing automotive engine problems such as; cylinder head valve sealing failures, worn camshaft lobes, lifter base wear and faulty or failing injectors. FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor is inserted into a vehicle'..

PP833 WPS600c Pressure Transducer


With high accuracy and a wide measuring range, the WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer connects to your PicoScope for convenient analysis and diagnosis of pressurized systems. Accurately measure up to 600 bar (8700 psi) Ultra-fast 100 microsecond response time (0% to 90% of full scale) Internal rechargeable LiPo battery Industry-stand..

TA142 Foster Coupler


A spare Foster series 2 to 1/8" NPT connector is available to enable the user to get additional hoses made for any custom requirements they may have not covered by the standard set of adaptors and hoses supplied by Pico for the WPS500X. Please note pressure hoses should always be made by a qualified professional and pressure tested before i..

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