PicoScope Electric Vehicle Kit

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PicoScope 4425A 4 channel EV kit


Pico Scope EV Kit (PQ196) This is a new kit. It is optimised for technicians to be safely working on Electric Vehicles, but can be used on any vehicle or equipment. As with all kits, the accessories in this kit can be used with other kits, and vice versa. The kit is supported by a new set of EV Guided Tests that will be extended over the coming ..

PQ326 Milliohm & Motor Tester MT03A


The MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester from Pico Technology is a revolutionary device, capable of changing the way low-resistance testing is performed. The MT03A offers resistance testing of all windings on a 3-phase motor in under a minute, producing highly accurate results that can automatically compensate for temperature using the included s..

PQ298 Pico EV upgrade kit in foam


PQ298   PicoScope 4425A EV upgrade kit in foam    Note: This is an add on accessory kit for a user with a 4425a BNC+ scope. Add this upgrade kit to a 4 channel BNC+ standard, Advanced or Master oscilloscope kit Contents 1 x Insulation test meter 1 x Differential probe 2 x 0-2000amp BNC+ current clamps 1 x Tw..

TA466- Two-pole Voltage Detector


The TA466 is a standalone tester that is used to check for the presence or absence of a voltage, and thereby allows the technician to confirm that the high-voltage has been disconnected from a circuit before proceeding. The measurement range is up to 690 V AC and 950 V DC to suit electric and hybrid vehicles, and the unit features a 3-digit red and..

TA467- Pico Insulation Tester


The TA467 Insulation tester is specially designed for vehicles with on-board high voltages and conforms to EN61010 CAT III (1000 volts) and CAT IV (600 volts). The insulation test function allows testing of the insulation of the high voltage wires found on high-voltage vehicles. It can be used as a stand-alone device or linked wirelessly with the s..

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