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PicoScope 4425A 4 channel EV kit


Pico Scope EV Kit (PQ196) This is a new kit. It is optimised for technicians to be safely working on Electric Vehicles, but can be used on any vehicle or equipment. As with all kits, the accessories in this kit can be used with other kits, and vice versa. The kit is supported by a new set of EV Guided Tests that will be extended over the coming ..

Zenith Z5 Oceania Edition


Introducing the all new Zenith Z5 automotive diagnostic scan tool for the Australia/New Zealand markets. Continuing on with the best ongoing quality assurance diagnostic program, the Zenith Z5 delivers the same trusted, high end, advanced universal software, with decades of domestic diagnostic experience and backed by the same locally based supp..

Autocom ICON Advanced diagnostic interface for CARS


User friendly and professional pc based (Windows) vehicle diagnostic solution for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Autocom products are developed and produced in Sweden, for workshops and vehicle inspections all over the world. To get a complete diagnostic solution, use our diagnostic hardware together with the intelligent software ..

Drew Technologies Cardaq Plus 3


Maximise your right to repair. Are you ready for R2R? The CarDAQ-Plus3® is the next generation Drew Technologies J2534-1 and J2534-2 device with advanced support for J2534 including CAN FD, 4 CAN Channels, v05.00 APi and DoIP. In addition, it features High Speed USB and support for global vehicles. Drew Technologies fully tests their devices..


ADAS Calibration Rig


Autocom universal ADAS calibration device. With the increasingly widespread use of advanced driver assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking or lane departure warnings, replacing windscreens is becoming more and more complex. It requires the use of corresponding optical adjustment devices and reference panels together with a diagnos..

TDB003 Proximity/Smart key system tester

$396.00 $434.39

The TDB003 Proximity, Smart key systems tester offers a simple and cost effective way to accurately diagnose and test problems relating to any vehicle immobiliser system, which is made up of a number of components. UK design and innovation, the TDB003 suits all brands, and includes localised and tested software to suit the Australian model carpark...

VCDS Pro Kit


Genuine Ross Tech VCDS Pro Kit including the latest VCDS ver 21.9 software - OEM level PC based scan tool to suit Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda vehicles.  If you are planning to work on 2020/21 VAG models you need the best recommended product, the HEX-NET interface included in the VCDS Pro Kit. DOIP, Ethernet enabled, on-going free upda..

ATEQ VT57 TPMS Tool (Professional level)


The VT57 is the best & most advanced, leading comprehensive TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) Service Tool from the worlds leading manufacturer in this field, covering vehicles from around the world, for the professional workshop or technician. Used by OEM's and the aftermarket, and now with touchscreen capabilities. The ATEQ VT57 is t..


$987.80 $1,054.96

The eagerly awaited Genuine Ross-Tech HEX-NET is now Available in Australia and New Zealand - VCDS® with HEX-NET® Professional USB & WiFi interface running the latest VCDS software version 21.9. If you are planning to work on 2020/21 VAG models you need the best recommended product, the HEX-NET. DOIP, Ethernet enabled, on-going f..

ALT-550 Leak Detector/Smoke Machine


The ALT-550 Heavy Duty Smoke machine is used to detect system leaks within minutes. Includes varying pressure control settings to help find that leak faster. Powered from the vehicle battery, the ALT-550 includes a vast adaptor range to suit multiple automotive applications. This quality product offers you a low cost/high tech solution with grea..

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Autoland PS-M2 Vehicle Power Stabilizer

$1,945.90 $2,084.50

The all New Autoland PS-M2 Battery Stabilizer is an essential tool for protecting the vehicle's Electronic Control Units from damage caused by falling or fluctuating voltage whilst working on the vehicle using a Scan Tool or other diagnostic equipment. This 2nd generation unit supports various voltage selections to suit the very latest battery ..

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Drew Technologies Cardaq M


CARDAQ-M J2534 pass thru device supporting multiple manufacturers. Maximise your right to repair. Are you ready for R2R? SAE J2534 is a standard for communications between a computer and a vehicle. If you own a SAE J2534 Pass-Thru device, you can re-flash and, in some cases, diagnose vehicles with factory functionality. Drew Technologies c..

CAN Test Box kit


CAN Test Box Test Control Area Network systems easily using this OBDII breakout box with smart LED signal indicators per pin. Use as scan tool extension lead, oscilloscope accessory plus more. The CAN Test Box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector that is fitted to all modern vehicles. Depending on the configuration..


Carbon Zapp GDU.4R


Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. The Revolutionary GDU.4r test bench allows to easily and extensively test and service 4 high pressure Direct injectors up to that high pressure. BK [electronic]: Dynamic Injection Mass Metering (IVM) Accurate, repeatable and fast electronic measuremen..

Autocom CDP+ Advanced diagnostic interface


The Autocom CDP+ is a professional pc based diagnostic scan tool for workshops, with particularly strong software coverage for European cars and trucks. It has an extensive database with excellent coverage for light and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses. Advanced Bluetooth Enabled Scan Tool covering European Cars and Trucks. A&nbs..

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