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Finest 401 Insulation Tester

$396.00 $434.28

New Product - Finest 401 Insulation Resistance Tester As the EV (Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) market grows, it is very important to have the capability to accurately measure insulation resistance values, with a high quality, accurate tool such as the Finest 401. Also allows the capability to test Piezo Common rail diese..

Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter


The Bosch MMD 540H CAT III Multimeter is a CAT safety rated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for use in diagnostics of electronic circuits. Whatever your shop services ‒ automotive, fleet, motorcycle, marine or small engine, the MMD 540H has the capability to keep up with your business. The MMD 540H offers: CAT III (1000v) safety..

Finest Temp Probe


  Finest Oscilloscope accessory to measure temperature (BNC connection type)  ..

TA467- Pico Insulation Tester


The TA467 Insulation tester is specially designed for vehicles with on-board high voltages and conforms to EN61010 CAT III (1000 volts) and CAT IV (600 volts). The insulation test function allows testing of the insulation of the high voltage wires found on high-voltage vehicles. It can be used as a stand-alone device or linked wirelessly with the s..

BNC - 4mm Banana Jack adaptor


Convert your oscilloscope accessories with 4mm adaptor to BNC connection. The BNC to 4mm adaptor connects two 4mm (banana) plugs to a BNC socket. The 4mm sockets and BNC plug are fully shrouded for safety...

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