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TDB003 Proximity/Smart key system tester


The TDB003 Proximity, Smart key systems tester offers a simple and cost effective way to accurately diagnose and test problems relating to any vehicle immobiliser system, which is made up of a number of components. UK design and innovation, the TDB003 suits all brands, and includes localised and tested software to suit the Australian model carpark...

TDB007 Peugeot/Citroen Pin code Wizard


The TDB007 Peugeot and Citroen Pin Code Wizard is a simple and easy device to extract the pin code from a range of vehicles. It can read the pin code from the ECU memory of all Engine Control Units, Sagem, Johnson Controls and Valeo BSI units. The device has two modes of operation :- Working Key Mode : The device can read the pin code from the ve..

TDB008 Parking Sensor Tester


TDB008 Parking Sensor Tester The TDB008 is a hand held device which has been designed to give a visual indication of the output signals of parking sensors using ultrasonic sensors on a range of vehicles. Many parking sensor systems now fitted to the latest vehicles require the engine running and the car in reverse gear to be activated. In add..

TDB013 OBD Power Booster & Protector


TDB013 OBD Power Booster and Protector The TDB013 OBD Power Booster and Protector has been designed to protect your diagnostic equipment investement from being damaged by issues with the vehicle you are testing. Many vehicles can exhibit unknown problems and plugging in a piece of equipment worth thousands of dollars can be a risk. With jump pa..

TDB1000 Advanced Security Systems Electronic Tester 'The Asset'


The TDB1000 Advanced Security Systems Electronic Tester or 'The ASSET' has been designed and developed to provide a simple and easy system for: Programming Transponder Keys Programming Remote Control Keys Reading Security Pin Codes Resetting Used Remote Control Keys Programming Proximity System Keys The TDB1000 brings the complicated key prog..



TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle The TDB750 is the perfect companion to the ASSET003 Volvo Key Programming software on the TDB1000 As Volvo (Except V40) can take anything from 30mins to 5hours+ leaving your tester connected is not always a viable option. The TDB750 simply plugs to the OBD socket and runs the security access process standalone...

TDB500 Clone Wizard

$1,439.90 $1,475.10

TDB500 Clone Wizard is a simple to use Key Cloning tool. Includes 25 Transponders Payback can be as quick as just 15 keys! Payback when charging $95 per key is just 15 keys, $80 per key is just 19 keys and even at  $55 a key you get pay back with just 25 keys - 25 Transponders are included! Cloning Using it's own unique coloured..

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