Gasoline Equipment and Special Tools

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ALT-550 Leak Detector/Smoke Machine


The ALT-550 Heavy Duty Smoke machine is used to detect system leaks within minutes. Includes varying pressure control settings to help find that leak faster. Powered from the vehicle battery, the ALT-550 includes a vast adaptor range to suit multiple automotive applications. This quality product offers you a low cost/high tech solution with grea..

Carbon Zapp GS8000


The efficient and cost-effective way to bench test & service gasoline injectors including G-DI / FSI / HPI / DISI / SIDI (DIRECT INJECTION) / L-JETRONIC (MULTIPORT FUEL INJECTION) / CSFI (CENTRAL PORT INJECTION) / TBI/CFI (THROTTLE BODY INJECTION) / K-JETRONIC (CONTINUOUS INJECTION) / MARINE E-TECH/FICHT / MPI/SPFI. Applications - Marine / P..


Carbon Zapp GD1r


Gasoline direct injection requires very high pressure to truly diagnose faults. Carbon Zapp provides the first innovative testing solution in the market with the GD1r range.​ Advanced testing and cleaning machine for high pressure gasoline injectors. Precise, Graduated and led illuminated tubes are used for efficient diagnosis ..

Carbon Zapp Fuel System Tester - Standard Kit


European quality Gasoline and Diesel Fuel System Testing kit to measure fuel pressure, flow, vacuum and exhaust back pressure. APPLICATION      Marine / Passenger Cars / Buses / Trucks / Motorcycles / Industrial Equipment. FEATURES - Adaptability to all makes and models - Compact & portable - Durable c..


Carbon Zapp GDU.4R


Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. The Revolutionary GDU.4r test bench allows to easily and extensively test and service 4 high pressure Direct injectors up to that high pressure. BK [electronic]: Dynamic Injection Mass Metering (IVM) Accurate, repeatable and fast electronic measuremen..

High Flow Fuel System Tester for high performance large injector flow testing


European quality high flow fuel system test unit for gasoline and diesel systems, including pressure, flow, vacuum, exhaust back pressure. CHARACTERISTICS   Diagnosis   - Incorrect fuel pressure - Incorrect fuel flow at the system - Plugged fuel filter - Faulty fuel pump - Plugged fuel pump inlet strainer - Faulty fu..

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