Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I create a Mount Auto Equip website online account?

A: Select 'Create an Account' at the top left corner of the website home page and provide your personal details and address when prompted. Enter a password you will remember to allow for fast and easy login access during future sessions.

2. I live outside of Australia, but would like to purchase an item available on the site?

A: Please 'Contact Us' for further information.


1. I own a G scan, how do I update it?

A: 1. Download and install the latest version of the G-Scan PC utility. G Scan PC Utility Download

2. Once the G-Scan PC utility has installed open the program and click on configuration, then serial number input and input the serial number of your device, click register.

3. Exit the page to go back to the home screen.

4. Insert the SD card out of the G-Scan into the computer.

5. Click on Software update online.

6. check the serial and click confirm

7. Enter email and password (this is for Gscan 2 Hyundai/KIA OEM skip this if you haven't created the login from the attached document(HERE)) click confirm or skip (Click confirm again if you didn't enter a username and password).

8. Click on update when it has finished checking the files on the SD Card prompted


9. Once the update has completed insert the SD card back into the G-Scan

2. When I open the PC Utility Software Program on my computer, the program will not open, and displays a message 'Side by Side configuration Error'

A: Please see the download link below. Download and run the C++ Redistributable at the link, then retry opening G Scan pc utility program on your pc.

C++ Redistributable

3. How do I tell if my G scan is within its software update subscription?

A: You will find your subscription expiry date on your G scan in the configuration menu under the 'Version' tab. Next to the Serial Number you will find the expiry date of your G scan software subscription in the following form. (e.g 2015.01.25). The expiry date can also be found in the PC Utility software program at the top of screen once the serial number of your G scan is registered within the program.



1. I need to update my Autoland Scan tool. Can you please tell me how I can do this?

A: There are a number of ways you can update Autoland Scan tools, however, the easiest way is to purchase the new special power adapter ( if you don't already have one). Connect the power adapter to the Diagnostic Port (Main cable port) on the Scan Tool and connect a network cable from a modem or router to the RJ45 port on the scan tool.

Next: 1. Select 'Setup' on the scan tool; 2. Select 'Software Update over the Internet'; 3. Select 'Perform software update'; 4. Read instructions and press Enter. The scanner will automatically detect the appropiate network settings and connect to the server, checking the update file list to detect how many new update files are available; 5. To begin updating press Enter.

Please note: To use the new update system, the scan tool must have the system file version 3.01 or later already installed.

2. How can I take a screen shot with my Autoland Scan Tool?

A: When the screen is displayed that you wish to save, press '0' followed by the 'Enter' key. After exiting from the vehicle program you will be asked if you wish to rename the file, if not, you can now exit and the screen will be saved ready for printing using the Autoland Utilitiy program which can be downloaded from

3. Where can I get information on performing some of the high level functions avaialble on my Autoland Scan Tool?

A: There are a number of Autoland help files available on this website in the 'Support' area . You will be required to login to access these files.