Test Leads (BNC+ and BNC)

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TA404 PicoBNC+ 4mm test lead Blue 3m


PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 3m Blue These new BNC+ test lead versions are automatically recognised by PicoScope software when they are connected to the scope. ConnectDetect™ works as before with the new test leads...

TA432 Pico BNC+ Resistance Lead


This is a brand-new Pico lead and offers dynamic measurement of resistance which is a feature we are using within our EV guided tests. The TA432 offers a diode test function in addition to resistance measurements. The TA432 has a total lead length of 2m in a Y configuration, with the non-PicoBNC+ ends being 1m in length and terminated in a 4mm non-..

TA395 Pico BNC+ Temperature Probe


The TA395 is a linear temperature lead measuring in the range -40°C to125°C to cover all common automotive and off-highway applications. The temperature sensor is enclosed in a 5mm stainless steel housing to provide contact and airflow measurement. Typical applications: Engine temperature. Typically +20 to +120 deg C Heated seat temp..

Premium Test Lead Set (BNC-4mm)


You’ve got the best oscilloscope, now get the best leads These premium leads are colour–coded so that the colour of the lead in the engine bay matches the colour of the on–screen waveform in PicoScope Automotive — never again will you waste your time wondering which lead is what. Our premium leads are fully s..

TA329 Pico Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector BNC

$68.15 $97.90

Pico Technology Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector (***To be used as an accessory with Pico automotive oscilloscope. Pico automotive oscilloscope supplied separately.***) This 2 meter long lead and detector is intended to allow a technician to prove the correct operation of each of the ultrasonic parking sensors in turn. By directly showing the ..

TA330 Keyless Entry Detector BNC


The TA330 is a detector intended to allow a technician to detect the presence of the keyless entry carrier frequency in the range 125 to 140 kHz (as used by most manufacturers). The device has a short range by design, allowing the technician to check each pickup coil in turn and hence identify a faulty unit. The detector does not pick up or de..

TA197 Pico 10:1 attenuator BNC


With high bandwidth and fault protection, the 10:1 attenuator allows you to measure fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms using PicoScope oscilloscopes. The TA197 is a passive 10:1 attenuator. This means that, for example, a 10 V signal at its input appears as a 1 V signal on its output. It allows voltages of up to 400..

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