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ALT-550 Leak Detector/Smoke Machine


The ALT-550 Heavy Duty Smoke machine is used to detect system leaks within minutes. Includes varying pressure control settings to help find that leak faster. Powered from the vehicle battery, the ALT-550 includes a vast adaptor range to suit multiple automotive applications. This quality product offers you a low cost/high tech solution with grea..

EZ Scope


EZ Inspection scope. An inspection scope for all purposes. A high quality, low cost inspection scope for everyone. AA Battery operated hand held borescope kit including flexible 1m camera cable 5.5mm shaft diameter and 45' mirror...

Gas Analyser Oxygen sensor


  Oxygen sensor to suit Opus 4/5 gas analyser, Heshbon HG520 gas analyser, and Qrotech QGA6000 gas analyser. 3 pin connector and screw on type gas analyser O2 sensor. (Also suits other model gas analysers)  ..



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PF Diagnose & DrewLinQ


PF Diagnose is a cost effective, PC based diagnostic software program for USA Truck systems. This is Diagnostic Software for almost any vehicle on the road in North America today and includes wide coverage for the Australian market.  PF-Diagnose will connect to more types of equipment than any other truck diagnostic software. Any vehicle or eq..

Vehicle ECU Memory Saver

$76.45 $92.90

High Quality ECU memory saver for the professional workshop. EOBD/OBDII 16 pin to Battery connection. Suitable for 12v and 24v systems. Allows vehicle system memory settings to be held during battery disconnection or removal. Signal and Chassis Ground LED indicators. Made in Korea...

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