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ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool (Professional level)

$1,978.90 incl. GST
Brand: Ateq
Product Code: ATEQ VT56 Pro
Availability: In Stock

The VT56 is the best & most advanced, leading comprehensive TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) Service Tool from the worlds leading manufacturer in this field, covering vehicles from around the world, for the professional workshop or technician.

Used by OEM's and the aftermarket.

The ATEQ VT56 is the all-in-one comprehensive complete TPMS tool with coverage for American, European, Asian & Australian vehicles. Its advanced features and functions provides complete TPMS management. Thanks to frequent updates, it includes all new TPMS sensors and vehicles, immediately when introduced each year.

Fast and Intelligent: The fastest, easiest to use TPMS tool; designed to continuously adapt to a technician’s needs, including information and training within the software to guide the technician through the process.

Saves Time and Money: The only TPMS tool with a VIN barcode scanner for fast vehicle selection (Function used on North American vehicles only).

Integrated Help: Tool training, TPMS reset procedures, sensor part numbers, OBD2 locations –  all at your fingertips.

Since 2014, all new European built vehicles are required to have TPMS sensors. In 2018, in Europe, vehicles with the TPMS light on will not pass the technical inspection.


6 Reasons to choose the ATEQ VT56

1. Best vehicle coverage

2. OBDII relearns in less than 2 mins

3. Programs all leading aftermarket TPMS sensors

4. Manual & Indirect relearn information

5. Stores 65000 jobs in memory

6. Regular software updates


Kit Contents

VT56 tool

OBD2 module with cable

24V wall charger

Quick start guide

Carry Case

USB lead