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QGA6000 5 Gas Analyser

Brand: Mount Auto Equip
Product Code: QGA6000-5
Availability: In Stock

Advanced, high quality, portable 5 gas analyser including built in printer and pc interfacing program, suitable for Petrol, Diesel, LPG.

Why use this tool?

  • Helps diagnose diesel engine faults – quicker and more easily
  • Tests for harmful gas emissions
  • Suitable for performance tuning and environmental testing and easily interfaces with chassis dynamometers. (Note: Standard exhaust probe not designed to withstand high temperatures for extended periods)
  • Excellent for testing on all types of diesel systems: cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, off-road vehicles
  • Supplied with PC interface SW to record, graph and print A4 customer reports or save to your CRM data base service records
  • Measures 5 gases, including Nox
  • Numerous other applications, can also be used to measure gasoline emissions and Hydrocarbon leaks, Head gaskets, purge control systems


What Can be diagnosed from a diesel gas test?

  • EGR Valve blocked, or permanently closed
  • EGR Valve permanently open
  • Oil burning due to leaking seals / faulty turbo
  • Injector leaks
  • Mechanical misfire
  • Blocked air filter