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TDB500 Clone Wizard

$1,475.10 incl. GST
Brand: The Diagnostic Box
Product Code: TDB500
Availability: In Stock

TDB500 Clone Wizard is a simple to use Key Cloning tool.

Includes 25 Transponders

Payback can be as quick as just 15 keys!

Payback when charging $95 per key is just 15 keys, $80 per key is just 19 keys and even at  $55 a key you get pay back with just 25 keys - 25 Transponders are included!


Using it's own unique coloured transponders

 Red  -  Yellow  -  Blue  -  Green  -  Purple  

it takes all the guess work out of which transponder to use.

Supported by the WikiClone support site, the user can quickly see if the key is cloneable without the key being present.

If the key is present it becomes an even simpler task thanks to the Easy Clone function via the EASY MODE.

Simply read the key and the tester will prompt which colour transponder is required.

Fixed coded and many crypto transponders require just the working key.

More advanced Transponders require a sniffing process at the car.

Being a handheld tool, the TDB500 Clone Wizard makes the task easy as everything is to hand.

Current cloning coverage

TEXAS 4C, 4D (40bit) (80bit to be released at later date)

PHILLIPS / NXP ID33, ID40 (unlocked), ID41 ,ID42, ID44 (unlocked), ID45, ID46


TEMIC 11, 12