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Finest F1005 2 Channel Handheld Oscilloscope Kit

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Brand: Finest
Product Code: F1005
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Finest Two Channel Handheld Oscilloscope

1005 Automotive Scope/GMM  

The 1005 Automotive Scope/GMM (Graphing Multi-meter) is a powerful and versatile scope meter for trouble shooting automotive electronics.


25 Mega-Sample/Second (one channel minimum sample rate for rapid data updates.

Lab scope signal patterns.

True RMS Graphing Multi-meter measurements and graphs.

Unique "Glitch Snare" mode: captures, displays and optionally saves abnormal signal patterns in the Scope mode of COMPONENT TESTS only when they occur.

Reset tests that enable the user to check the majority of automotive sensors, actuators and systems easily and quickly.

Powerful built-in reference information for each preset test which includes a test procedure showing how to connect to the circuit, a normal reference signal pattern, theory of operation and trouble-shooting tips.

Menu-driven interface has automatic configurations for most of non-preset tests, so that you will find the 1005/1006 Automotive Scope/GMM is easy to use.

The Secondary Ignition Single function displays the waveform along with Spark Voltage, Burn Time, Burn Voltage and RPM.

The diesel function allows you to set injection pump timing and RPM using the optional diesel accessories.

Supports Dynamic Compression Test.

USB interface supports updates for code and data.