Pico BNC+ Coil on Plug Probe

Pico BNC+ Coil on Plug Probe

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The coil–on–plug and signal probe works with most COP systems; it requires no special adaptors, no foil strips, and no batteries. The Pico coil-on-plug and signal probe eliminates the need for back-probing: to use the probe simply press the probe against the coil.

Along with testing COP systems, the coil-on-plug and signal probe can also be used to obtain many other signals, including a secondary ignition waveform on conventional ignition systems.

Designed to save you time, effort and money, the coil-on-plug and signal probe is the fastest way to test both conventional coil-on-plug secondary ignition systems.



















Product Description

New BNC+ Flexible Coil on plug inductive probe. With the TA398 COP Probe, the BNC lead is integral to the probe eliminating the need for separate earthing. The main body of the COP Probe is unchanged preserving the benefits of flexibility to access restricted areas. The probe is automatically recognised byPicoScope software when it is connected to the scope.

The TA398 coil-on-plug (COP) and signal probe from Pico Technology is the fastest way to check coil-on-plug ignition coils and spark plugs.

  • Find misfires fast
  • Displays scope patterns of the secondary, faster than scoping the primary
  • Works on all automotive scopes capable of displaying ignition patterns
  • Can also be used to investigate injectors and other inductive actuators
  • Flexible design allows for easier access to hard-to-reach components
  • No batteries required

Like distributors, spark plug wires are starting to disappear from cars. With the new COP ignition systems the ignition coils are connected directly to the spark plugs — eliminating the need for the spark plug wires. With no high-voltage spark wires, a COP probe is required to be able to pick up the secondary ignition waveform.