Bosch FSA 050

Bosch FSA 050

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Equipped for professional diagnostics of electric and hybrid vehicles:

  • Hand-held unit with Bluetooth connection to Windows operating systems.
  • Testing of vehicles with electric and hybrid drive
  • High-voltage tests
  • Insulation tests
  • Multimeter function: Voltage, resistance, capacity, continuity test
  • Use as a standalone device
  • Special accessories for FSA 500, FSA 720 / 740 / 760
  • Wireless data transmission from FSA 050 to FSA 500, FSA 720 / 740 / 760, or Windows operating systems

Kit Contents

  • Case
  • FSA 050
  • Measurement cable
  • Set of cables
  • Dry battery
  • Bluetooth module
  • CD with PC Software CompacSoft[plus]

BOSCH FSA 050 Hybrid Automotive Insulation Tester Specifications:

  • High-voltage analysis: Up to 600 V (TRMS)
  • Insulation analysis: Test voltages: 50 – 100 – 250 – 500 – 1,000 V; Test current: 1 mA
  • Insulating resistance: Measuring modes: t, PL, DAR, or INS
  • Frequency measurement: 40 – 450 Hz
  • Resistance measurement: 0.01 KΩ – 1,000 kΩ
  • Continuity test: 0.01 Ω – 99.9 Ω with test current 20 mA / 205 mA
  • Capacity measurement: 100 pF – 10 yF
  • Data transmission: Bluetooth Class I / II (range up to 30 m / 10 m


Product Description

Bosch FSA 050 Handheld Multimeter

The FSA 050 high-voltage multimeter tests all electrical drive systems and is the fast and convenient way to competently troubleshoot faults with electric and hybrid vehicles. With the handy FSA 050 in your workshop, you’ll be up-to-date and prepared for the trend towards electrical drives.

Compact, lightweight and intuitive, this wireless device enables efficient and accurate testing of voltage, resistance, capacity, continuity, insulation and piezo injector integration. It’s a small tool with big output!

As a stand-alone solution, the BOSCH FSA 050 Hybrid Automotive Insulation Tester quickly offers insulation and high-voltage testing for electric and hybrid drives, displaying test measurements in the dual-digital display. Furthermore, as a test module, the hand-held device is designed to connect wirelessly to an existing laptop, PC system, displaying more comprehensive test results. It is also possible to download or print these results for the shop records or show them to a customer.

  • Standalone tester: Get fast results with insulation and high-voltage testing for electric and hybrid drives
  • Combines as a test module with FSA 500 or FSA 720/740: Enhance functionality and output to comprehensively document measurement test results
  • Compact (220 x 110 x 65 mm): Handy size for efficient working
  • Lightweight (0.8 kg): The mobile solution around the workshop
  • Bluetooth interface: Ultimate convenience – wirelessly transmit test results to workshop PC or FSA series
  • Complete with storage case, two measuring cables, high-voltage probe, CD/DVD CompacSoft[plus] and Bluetooth USB stick: It’s the economical package for testing electrical drive systems
  • Wireless connectivity: Connect with Bosch Connected Repair or other workshop networks to help you work more efficiently