Carbon Zapp DS2r-A

Carbon Zapp DS2r-A

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Tests Performed

eRLC     Electrical test for Ohm / uH / uF

LKT       Static Back leak test

NOP      Nozzle Opening Pressure test

iVM       Injector Volume Measuring test

RSP       Injector response time test

SPR       Injector nozzle spray quality test

Spray Chamber

Hi Visibility spray chamber for clear view of injected patterns at low and higher pressures. Diagnosis of: NOP, incorrect spraying, leaky or seized injectors.

Injector Clamp

Ergonomic, robust, fast and simple clamping.

Dual Function System

Test System: Performs only testing of the injector using calibration oil.

Test & Clean System: Performs testing of the injector using calibration oil and also internal flushing & cleaning of the injector using specially formulated treatment detergent (optional).

  • - Boost Voltage (HV) up to 250V for New Piezo systems   
  • - Clear protective test bench cover
  • - Ergonomic and dynamic design
  • - Fast and easy transition between spray and volumetric test
  • - Glass level indicators
  • - HV Peak Amp
  • - Injector protection function
  • - Language localisation
  • - MACC/Advanced chemical treatment & flushing of injector (optional)
  • - Manufacturer / User Injector Database (upgradeable)
  • - Manufacturer Injector Database (Bosch. Delphi. Denso. Conti-VDO)
  • - Measurement of Injection response time RSP (optional)
  • - Multiple Injections (programmable)
  • - PCB protection circuit
  • - Piezo Injector Individual Return regulators
  • - Piezo, Solenoid & Dual Solenoid actuation (0-250 Volts/0-35A)
  • - Quality & robust
  • - Repeatable and fast
  • - Spill free quick-connectors for discharge and return hoses
  • - Short testing time required
  • - Variable & Customisable test plans (independent for every injector)
  • - User-friendly

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Please note: DS2i model used in videos.


DS2i Testing Procedure Spray

DS2i Injector electrical test 


DS2i Nozzle Opening Pressure Test

​DS2i injector volume measuring test 

DS2i LKT Leak Test 

DS2i Cleaning Procedure MACC

DS2i Injector Mounting

Product Description

This advanced Semi Automatic machine tests and cleans all common rail diesel injectors: Denso, Delphi, Siemens (VDO), Bosch. Coil and Piezo.

This is a unique, compact, economic, fast and advanced solution for every workshop to service diesel injection systems.


Repeatable and Accurate Volumetric Measurement (0.5ml)

12min testing/phase injector

OE manufacturers data base and test plans

Operating pressure up to 1850 Bar

RSP (usec) available for all injectors with database

Easy to operate and semi-automatic function

Expandable to work with UIPr & HUIr

Passenger cars and heavy duty trucks (CRIN)


8" Touchscreen HMI

Analog Volumetric Measurement

Workshop and Diesel Specialist Level