Carbon Zapp Fuel System Tester - Standard Kit

Carbon Zapp Fuel System Tester - Standard Kit

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- Incorrect fuel pressure

- Incorrect fuel flow at the system

- Plugged fuel filter

- Faulty fuel pump

- Plugged fuel pump inlet strainer

- Faulty fuel pump check valve

- Leaky fuel injectors

- Incorrect operation of fuel pressure regulator

- Fuel foaming and/or contamination

- Restrictions in supply/return fuel lines

- Intake manifold vacuum fluctuation

- Exhaust back pressure for testing catalytic converter operation

- Turbo boost pressure operation

Technical Specifications

 - Fuel Pressure Gauge:  0-145 Psi/0-10 Bar

 - Manifold Vacuum Gauge: 0-30 inHg/0-100 KPa vacuum

- Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge: 0-15" Psi/0-100 KPa

- Scaled Fuel Flow Tube: 0.3-3.3 Lt/min - 0.1-0.87 gal/min

- Case Dimensions (WxDxH cm): 53x43x14 - Weight 5Kg

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Product Description

European quality Gasoline and Diesel Fuel System Testing kit to measure fuel pressure, flow, vacuum and exhaust back pressure.


 Marine / Passenger Cars / Buses / Trucks / Motorcycles / Industrial Equipment.


- Adaptability to all makes and models

- Compact & portable

- Durable clear flow tube

- Easy readable analogue gauges: System Pressure/Manifold Vacuum/ Exhaust Back Pressure/Turbo Boost

- Full range of Quick & safe connectors for all lines

- Repeatable & fast

- Quality & robust for the workshop