Carbon Zapp GDU.4R

Carbon Zapp GDU.4R

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  • Test bench for 4 Gasoline Direct Injectors
  • Full-Automatic Operation
  • HP up to 550 Bar (also available up to 300 Bar)
  • Gasoline Expert level of Diagnosis & dealerships
  • Dynamic Electronic Measurement (BK)
  • Under 17 min testing phase
  • 10” Touchscreen HMI



  • R2LC  - Electrical test for kΩ/μF,Ω/μH
  • CFL  - Check forLeaks test
  • Static High Operating Pressure Leak test
  • Injector Volume Measuring test(15-steps) (full-load,part-load,emissions,low-load, pre/post-injection tests)
  • Injector Response time test (sensors optional)
  • Dynamic Spray test performed in all testing conditions
  • LKT 
  • iVM(FL,PL,EM,LL,PI) 
  • RSP 
  • SPR 



Illuminated Pressurized spray chamber for clear view of injected pattern up to 300 Bar (550 Bar optional). You can virtually see the complete injection pattern as happening in the cylinder. Diagnosis of: NOP, incorrect spraying, leaky or seized injectors. The system integrates an easy and adjustable Injector Clamp


RSP adapter is connected to the nozzle of each injector to precisely measure the actual mechanical response time of injection from the electrical actuation signal. Diagnosis of: slow acting injector, retarded injection event, poor performance and emissions..

AZO Software

The revolutionary GUI that gives you the technological advancements of today. Wi-Fi printing & sharing, server sync, auto-update of software and database, wireless access and support and much more…


Easy fail-track color report for each injector. Quick view or Expert view reporting available.

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Carbon Zapp GDU.4R spray video

Product Description

Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. The Revolutionary GDU.4r test bench allows to easily and extensively test and service 4 high pressure Direct injectors up to that high pressure.

BK [electronic]: Dynamic Injection Mass Metering (IVM)

Accurate, repeatable and fast electronic measurement of discharged volumes. Including a metering device that has no moving parts, does not require filtering and temperature calibration. Yet includes Shot-to-Shot and Multiple- Injection-Metering Capability.

Features: Dynamically measuring in mg/stroke (equivalent to mm3/stroke) repeatability : 0.05%, accuracy 0.2%

  • All Makes Manufacturer Database
  • aMACC – Automatic chemical treatment and flushing of the injector before testing (optional)
  • Complementary standard set of GDi adapters fittings and connectors for common makes & types (Long adaptor set optional)
  • HP up to 300Bar or 550Bar(optional)
  • Injector & PCB protection circuit
  • Multiple Injections capable
  • Piezo & Solenoid actuation (HV: 0-250 Volts / 0-35A)
  • Programmable Piezo profiles
  • User Programmable Database
  • User-friendly units