TDB003 Proximity/Smart key system tester

TDB003 Proximity/Smart key system tester

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Tests include:

Transponder Test - Check the transponder is present and functioning

Remote RF Frequency test - Check the RF remote control signal

Proximity System Full test - Checks the signal from the car and the key

Coil antenna test - Test the transponder key antenna signal

Proximity key scan mode - Check the signal of the key in proximity mode

Car Transmitter scan mode - Checks the car output signal in proximity mode

Dual Prox Scan mode - Dual scanning of car and key proximity signals

Oscilloscope mode Fast - Displays the cars transmitter signal as a digital waveform

Oscilloscope mode Slow - Displays the cars transmitter signal as a digital waveform


Batteries: 4 x AAA NiMh rechargeable or alkaline

Battery Level: Battery level indicated on screen

Battery life: >4 hours (based on 750 mA/h NiMh

Weight: 115 grams

Oscilloscope Mode: 20mS/Div (slow) 10 mS/Div (Fast)

Scan Mode: 2 seconds across screen

Size: 90mm (W) x 170mm (H) x 38mm (D)

Current consumption: 90mA Transponder

Test: 125kHz Amplitude Modulation, 134.2kHz Frequency Shift Keying, (FSK) Audible tone for Data Signal

LCD: Backlit blue 128x64 dots

Operating temperature range: 32 to 122 Degrees 'F or 0 to 50 degrees 'C

Radio Frequency Test: 150 to 999 Mhz

Resolution: 0.1Mhz

Infra red test: Universal detection receiver

Coil Antenna Test: Dual 125kHz to 134kHz range

The TDB003 Operation Video

Product Description

The TDB003 Proximity, Smart key systems tester offers a simple and cost effective way to accurately diagnose and test problems relating to any vehicle immobiliser system, which is made up of a number of components. UK design and innovation, the TDB003 suits all brands, and includes localised and tested software to suit the Australian model carpark.

This advanced tool enables the transponder key, remote control operation, external vehicle antenna transmitters, internal vehicle antenna transmitters and transponder antenna to be fully tested to ensure that all parts of the vehicles immobiliser system are working.

The TDB003 can display signal levels, frequency measurements, signal waveforms and a number of other useful features, all within just a few seconds.