Autoland PS-M2 Vehicle Power Stabilizer

Autoland PS-M2 Vehicle Power Stabilizer

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The PS-M2 automatically regulates voltage output. Essential for maintaining a steady voltage during diagnosis and programming. Protects computers during programming. Warning Mode avoids over-current and ensures battery life.

Whether you are programming a new Control Unit, reprogramming an existing Control Unit, programming Keys or simply releasing an electronic handbrake to allow for brake pad exchange, there is a potential for ECU damage. The PS-M2 will keep the vehicle's battery at a controlled voltage , protecting the control unit from damage.

Heat dissipation is managed by robust heat sink and convection design to ensure the efficiency of the PS-M2.

In a case of incorrect connection, or in the event of a short, the PS-M2 is equipped with reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection to prevent any damage to the electrical system.

Output Modes


Volt 1 - 15v Snow mode, provides large vltage output

Volt 2 - 14.4v Suitable for AGM/VRLA/GEL battery types

Volt 3 - 13.8v Suitable for lead acid battery types

Maintain - 12.8v Battery maintenance mode



Adaptive current output: 0~70A

Maximum output current: 72A in 13.8V mode

When maximum output current is exceeded (70~99A) the system will automatically switch to "pulse" charging mode.

In maintenance mode, the voltage output will be fixed at 12.8V, and the current will be dynamic current output to ensure the battery life.


* Adaptor clip for new Mercedes Benz models included in kit

Product Description

The all New Autoland PS-M2 Battery Stabilizer is an essential tool for protecting the vehicle's Electronic Control Units from damage caused by falling or fluctuating voltage whilst working on the vehicle using a Scan Tool or other diagnostic equipment. This 2nd generation unit supports various voltage selections to suit the very latest battery types, yet maintains its very simple user friendly operation.



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