Automotive Bluetooth Smart Probe kit

Automotive Bluetooth Smart Probe kit

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Key Features

Multimeter Mode

DC Voltage

AC Voltage RMS

DC Current

AC Current RMS




Diode Polarity


Log Measurements

Oscilloscope Mode

AC/DC Voltage/Current

AC/DC Coupling

Spectrum Analyser

Continuous Acquisition



Scope Measurement Functions

Logger Mode

AC/DC Voltage

AC/DC Current

Temperature Logging



Product Description

Compact, portable and convenient Automotive Bluetooth Smart Logic Probe, ideal for electronics, automotive applications and much more.

An all in one True RMS CAT III Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger kit for Android and iOS operating systems, e.g add on accessory for your scan tool, phone, tablet or smart watch.

This is available to purchase as a stand alone automotive kit, or as a perfect accessory for your Zenith Z5 or Z7 scan tool adding a compact and portable option to measure voltage, current, resistance and temperature.

This smart probe includes unprecedented portability, accuracy and versatility.

10A, 600V, CAT III.

Rechargeable battery via USB c.

Available to add others to operate as a 2, 3 or 4 multichannel scope on a single device.