First Look Pressure Transducer kit

First Look Pressure Transducer kit

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FirstLook™ ADS ES 100 Kit

  • Works with most modern Lab Scopes
  • Permits fast engine diagnostics
  • Finds intermittent problems with ease
  • Verifies injector function in minutes
  • Needs no external power source
  • Saves time and MONEY!

The FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor is designed to look at variations in pressure and ignore the average, or static, pressure in any given environment. In other words, it only sees the changes in pressure from the recent average pressure.

It is this characteristic of responding only to changes in dynamic pressure that sets the FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor apart from traditional pressure sensors. This feature provides a unique sensitivity not previously obtainable in commercially available automotive sensors.

The FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor is a piezoelectric device and therefore requires no external power source. The sensor detects the pulse waves generated by the normal operation of an internal combustion engine.

All engines produce patterns of these pulses and so any change or irregularity in the pulse wave can traced back to problems in the engine. By using a digital oscilloscope in conjunction with the SenX FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor

The pulse waves can also be affected by unburned fuel in the exhaust and this can also be seen displayed as a waveform for analytical diagnostics on most digital oscilloscopes.

Sensor Kit Contents


  • One barbed FirstLook® sensor

  • Exhaust hose with springs

  • 6” rubber hose to aid connection to the oil dipstick tube

  • Plastic vacuum line adapter with 4” rubber hose

  • One 25’ rg 58 cables with BNC connectors

  • BNC/Banana Jack adapter



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Product Description

FirstLook Automotive Pulse Sensor

The FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor provides a fast and accurate means of diagnosing automotive engine problems such as; cylinder head valve sealing failures, worn camshaft lobes, lifter base wear and faulty or failing injectors.

FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor is inserted into a vehicle's exhaust pipe or attached (via an adaptor) to the vehicles inlet manifold or fuel pressure regulator vacuum port and converts pressure pulses into electrical signals, which can be viewed and captured on a digital oscilloscope.

The waveforms displayed provide the earliest indications that there are, for example, problems with specific cylinders or the injectors.

FirstLook™ Pulse Sensor Operation

Conventional electronic pressure sensors are very similar to ordinary pressure gauges. They measure the static pressure to which they are exposed. Their output is a variable voltage corresponding to this static pressure. This voltage output is displayed using a digital voltmeter and calibrated so that the meter indicates the static pressure.

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